Бартcелона GALLERY was founded on August 2014 by David Pujadó.

4 years, 74 exhibition after, on October 2018 Бартcелона GALLERY team is enlarged, Olivera Indjić joined as Art Director and Miodrag Baždar as a Managing Director.


Olivera Indjić (Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade) is a painter born in Serbia, 1981. She operates mainly in the photographic and illustration circuits. Her working fields include photography, painting, drawing, theatre and murals. She has participated in various projects, workshops and creative work with children. She has also taken part in numerous collective and solo exhibitions in Asia and Europe, stretching from Paris to Venice, Istanbul, Berlin, Vienna, Sunderland, Brussels, and Kyoto. Olivera is today a member of Бартселона gallery Art Council.


David Pujadó is a Catalan photographer born in Barcelona, 1972. Since 2013 he has been organizing photography exhibitions and in the same year relocated to Belgrade where he currently lives and works. In the heart of the city he established the contemporary art space Бартcелона GALLERY - the little white box in the center of the Belgrade Design District. With a goal to promote contemporary photography he founded the gallery with the goal to support local and international artists. Through providing both a critical platform for local photographers and an opportunity for international artists to debut their work in Belgrade, Бартселона intends to establish a dialogue between artists, collectors, curators and other arts institutions. Today he is member of its Art Council.



Miodrag Baždar is by vocation an engineer in electronics, engaged in science, design and management during his career. Today he lives between Belgrade, Paris and Nice. His is also a photographer who runs a small circle gathered around his darkroom laboratory in Belgrade. His main interest is analogue photography, alternative techniques, and all kinds of Polaroid photos. Today he is managing Бартселона gallery and is a member of its Art Council.


by Milica Nikolić

by Niko Begos


by Bane Božić